Monday, April 12, 2010

My dream interview with Charles Darwin

My Dream Interview with Charles Darwin. It goes like this: me and Charles Darwin are sitting there, having lunch and conversing about stuff. (I know he's dead, but this is more like a dream of mine.) I ask him, "So Charley, I have a million questions for you. The first one is about what you said concerning the idea of 'purpose'. You said there was no purpose, and that we were merely an accident in nature. If that is the case, then our past is actually insignificant, really. With that in mind, why are you so dead set on exploring a past that has no meaning or worth to humanity?" He looks at me, scratches his head and says, "I dunno. Bored, I guess." I say, "Ah. Okay" That is fair. "So Charley, what about the Cambrian discovery, which shows man and prehistoric creatures being in the same layers of rock? And recent studies in actual science that show life kind of began rapidly appearing, versus mutation or billions of years of evolutionary processes?" He looks confused. "The Cambrian what?" I say, "The Cambrian 'explosion'. That's what science calls it. I have another question for you, just because I'm curious. You said that if we truly did come from unintelligent, natural forces, then there was no basis for higher morals or notions of good and evil or even a consciousness at all. So there is no consciousness? And if so, how do you know there is no consciousness, without having the consciousness to make that assumption?" He looks puzzled, "Umm.. it just is. And no, there is no good or evil." Our waitress walks up and brings us our meals, and she forgets the A-1 sauce. Charley asks her if she can bring some back, and she gives him a mean glare, before walking off. She is apparently irritated at us. Charley says, "Man, she's evil!" I look at him and say, "You just said there was no good or evil." He replies, "Well, okay she is evil, but nothing else is." Because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I ask him another question, "So Charley, Creation Scientists and true Atheists alike know that your the core of your theories don't really hold up under the microscope of scientific absolute. They actually fall apart. Why then, do they insist on teaching this stuff in schools as more of a fact?" He holds up his fingers like a gangster rapper and says, "I guess they got played, sucka." That was actually impressive. He did that well. For a second there, I thought he may have been Vanilla Ice.

Now allow me to pause for a second to address the out-moded school of Darwinist naturalism for a quick second. IF we are solely the product of random matter acting upon itself, and IF math doesn't work, and IF somehow all the data that piles against the close-mindedness of naturalism itself is rendered useless, and IF... etc., etc., then it is also true that consciousness does not exist (unless one subscribes to a religion called panpsychism - the idea that consciousness is in matter already, which is funny when I think of a rock or dirt or stars having consciousness. It's made out of the matter, right? That would be a belief with no scientific data to back it, and it would fall into a religion catagory. So Darwinist evolutionists, pick a lane. You are either religious people or not. Can't have it both ways). But IF consciousness does not exist, then there is no right and wrong, no good or evil (so Hitler was not evil? Say what?!?), no love or hate, or anything which exists outside of matter. There would also be no rational explanation in seeking out our origin, because we would, after all, be a mere 'fluke' of nature. And the very consciousness to be aware of this fact would not even exist. Yet the Darwinist is obsessed with his origins and seeking reason where he/she says there is none. Sounds like a mental illness of sorts. With that in mind, Darwinists, you are here-by dismissed from this conversation. Love ya. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Note: the scientific community relies solely on facts, not religious speculation, so you probably don't want to hide there either. My advice would be to erect a church or something, and just have regular meetings. Who knows? Maybe you can write it off on your taxes. ;)

To return to my previous conversation with Charles Darwin. So me and Charley are sitting there, and I have to let him know, "Did you know that the tooth from the supposed 'Tennessee man' was actually a pig's tooth? But in spite of it being found a fraud in later years, it won a court battle, and that was the leverage which allowed naturalism to be introduced into schools. Crazy, huh? But my last question, 'If monkeys evolved into modern man, why are there still monkeys?'" He scratched his head again and started to chuckle. "Monkeys are funny," he said. "I really like those Curious George books." I respond back, "Yeah, remember the one where he...?" We both start laughing. Monkeys are pretty funny, indeed.
[The end.]

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