Thursday, April 1, 2010

My (R)evolution

So here is the official word: my original project, My (R)evolution, is officially no more. I made the decision for various reasons. The music is still available on iTunes and I have left a couple sites up (on myspace and reverbnation), but as far as live shows, our run is over.

I know someone will want to know why, and I wanted to get some of this off my chest anyway. Before I do, I wanted to thank all the guys who have been a part of it all. The various musicians: Gale Watson, Adam Marshall, Konrad Gorski, Mike Straussberg, Jim Ratcliffe, Jeff Calafiore, and Jesse Anderson. I also thank the bands and the venues who stood by us on this short chapter of my life. I also thank my church family for standing by me when I made the decision to start the band, and I thank them for standing by me when I decided it was time to disband it.

So what happened? A brief summary
After a long haitus (which I am getting a reputation for in the local scene), we worked hard to come back strong. We played a pretty strong set at Halligans Bar and Grill (West Ashley), and sure enough the clubs started calling for bookings, but in spite of that, I pulled the plug. Who does that? Especially when your band is doing well. If a band is tanked or falling apart, that is when you disband. Never when things are about to take off, renewed and re-energized. This came as a surprise (I'm sure) to the band members, but I am grateful to them for their understanding. I am presently working to write the full story, and I will post that soon. (to be continued)


  1. great start to what i'm sure will be an amazing blog. thanks for allowing us along for the journey.


  2. Aw. Thank you, Lori, for your encouragement along the way!! :)